ARE YOU READY FOR THE TRUTH? Exp Asset - a company which hundreds of thousands of people have trusted. People devoted to the cause, believing that they are building something great, that they are part of something special. Special people who devote all their time on teaching and helping others. LEADERS! Units that stand out in every respect. This kind of people decided to trust Patryk Krupinski. Some of them are probably still trying to keep trusting him.   Read More

A story about Exp Asset headquarters

This is a photo from the latest Exp Asset office. This office - actually half of the twin - probably belongs to his fiancée’s parents and was hired out by Patryk or by his fiancée. Her parents live in the right part of the twin. The exact address is Brwinów, Graniczna 19A. There is primarily a support division there. Every morning between 8 and 10 a.m. you can see people coming to work there, as well as red Infinity Q60 which Patryk bought for his fiancée, and Patryk’s black Mercedes AMG GT.   Read More

Exp Asset CEO and how he treats people who had helped him

Patryk Krupiński is a man accused of creating a financial pyramid - Exp Asset. Himself is a very ‘interesting’ person. When a competitive alternative based on transparent principles and working within the law appeared, Exp Asset CEO started threatening the competitive founders and he had frozen the funds of users who founded an account on other platforms. And this - blocking and stole someone’s money only because they want to do something similar somewhere else - is just wrong, so wrong.   Read More

Does Exp Asset exist and who truly owns it?

Well known on the MLM market Exp Asset Ltd. is a company run by Mr Patrick Krupiński. He is the founder, owner and also according to all indications - the leader of the aforementioned company. So the question is, will we find Exp Asset in any registers? Before the end of 2018, it was actually possible. Many people look for documents of this company, but with consternation stated that such a company, unfortunately, does not exist anymore.   Read More

Exp Asset breaks Chinese law?

A few days ago we have heard the information about in the Macao (Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China), law enforcement has started taking action against the MLM company, which despite the ban has been operating there for a long time. Soon after, we got much more specific information. Not everything is yet clear and made public, but one is beyond doubt. The company in question is the Exp Asset.   Read More

Weird clauses and traders

About traders…. The only trader among these people was really the second guy from the left, the blond one with two monitors. This is a photo from the office in Lodz which is no longer rented by Patryk since August 2017 and was moved to Warsaw. The only person from this photo that went with Patryk to Warsaw was also this trader. There were two traders in Warsaw - a man from a photo and another older man.   Read More