A story about Exp Asset headquarters

This is a photo from the latest Exp Asset office. This office - actually half of the twin - probably belongs to his fiancée’s parents and was hired out by Patryk or by his fiancée. Her parents live in the right part of the twin. The exact address is Brwinów, Graniczna 19A. There is primarily a support division there. Every morning between 8 and 10 a.m. you can see people coming to work there, as well as red Infinity Q60 which Patryk bought for his fiancée, and Patryk’s black Mercedes AMG GT. This office is both the residence of Patryk and his fiancée and the workspace for his employees. The company moved from Warsaw from the WFC building (20th floor), in March 2018. The video from the recording in the office of Exp Asset in the WFT building was published on the web by Rafał Zaorski and you can still find it there. In March 2018, two people worked in the office, plus Patryk. He gave up on the offices in WFC for a few reasons: financial, and because he was afraid of finding by people from Luxemburg and Germany with whom he has unexplained matters. Patryk also is not liked or respected by virtually no Warsaw trader. The whole environment speaks about him negatively.

More soon. Stay tuned. There’s a lot more to tell about that Exp Asset scam. And people should know which people they should never give money to.