Does Exp Asset exist and who truly owns it?

Well known on the MLM market Exp Asset Ltd. is a company run by Mr Patrick Krupiński. He is the founder, owner and also according to all indications - the leader of the aforementioned company. So the question is, will we find Exp Asset in any registers?

Before the end of 2018, it was actually possible. Many people look for documents of this company, but with consternation stated that such a company, unfortunately, does not exist anymore. The situation becomes clearer when we manage to reach an audit carried out by the Polish authorities.

Without going into the details of the audit, (more on this in the next articles), in November 2018 the company registered as Exp Asset Ltd. was closed. We could say it’s nothing extraordinary - after all, a lot of companies appear and disappear, for various reasons.

However, we all agree that since the closure of the company, the company do not continue their activities and do not advertise in the media as a dynamically developing organization. And what Exp Asset have done? After the official closure, they had put a lot of efforts into advertising to make people believe as nothing of the kind (like a closure) happened and the company is continuously rapidly growing.

Now, it turns out that the well-known logo Exp Asset, as well as the whole platform, is now part of the unknown company (at least until the end of 2018) of the company Silesia Capital Management Ltd.

We would not know that if the owner and leader of Exp Asset did not declare it himself. Nevertheless, is Patryk Krupiński still an important person and owner of the company? Was he really, from the beginning, a significant person in this company in the first place?

By finding the company’s register, we encounter another oddity. It turns out that the owner of the Silesia Capital Management company is a person named Leasa Jeffers.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information about this person.

Would we ever find out who she is and why did she promote someone as ordinary as Patryk Krupiński as the face of her company?

Let’s hope so.