Exp Asset breaks Chinese law?

A few days ago we have heard the information about in the Macao (Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China), law enforcement has started taking action against the MLM company, which despite the ban has been operating there for a long time. Soon after, we got much more specific information.

Not everything is yet clear and made public, but one is beyond doubt.

The company in question is the Exp Asset.

According to the information posted on the Exmoo portal - https://www.exmoo.com/article/110701.html?fbclid=IWAR0oSykxPzh_Vsm9U2e7gAS35ZQMMfZuD2HCjqHvh2wsATlJh6GU5ge1Qbc on 12/06/2019 - law enforcement had arrest few people describing themselves as “Exp Asset Leaders”.

The best known of these people is a certain Mrs Peng, a 30-year-old activist and leader of the abovementioned MLM. The arrest took place in Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

Since January 2018, Mrs Peng and her closest colleagues have defrauded at least 30 people - and these are only people who voluntarily reported to the police stations. She was accused of convincing people to enter a fictional investment. According to Mrs Peng, entry into the system guaranteed a return of capital within 6-8 months, and a clean profit later, which can not be guaranteed by any serious investment company. According to official information, the embezzled amount is at least 510,000 Yuan (approximately equal to 75 000 dollars). From unofficial sources, we know that these amounts, in reality, reach hundreds of thousands of dollars - and even millions, if to believe the rumours around.

But, why the police had arrested them? Because money had disappeared. The promised by Mrs Peng return on investment and the profit never became a real thing.

But not everyone decided to sit quietly after they losing money. Some of them reached up for help from authorities and this was the reason why the police & the law enforcement have heard about this lady, her colleagues and Exp Asset itself - and start acting.

How many people were defrauded? Hard to say. Around 30 people voluntarily cooperate with the police, but the law enforcement authorities know about at least 20 people who, because of the fear, have not decided to report their losses.

On the Exmoo website we see a lot of things that suggest the true nature of Ms Peng ‘project’. Among photos of people rich enough to almost swim in money, we can see banknote counters, posts on forums and social networks and the Exp Asset logo in the background of all of it. If this wealth comes from an honest job or because someone is a genius and run a profitable company, we wouldn’t say a word.

But, however, when knowing that that money was basically stolen, we must ask: what kind of person can do that? Because to be able to do such things, a person instead of decency or kindness can have only greed in the heart.

We hear voices that the inhabitants of the Macao province and all of China are terrified. By trusting the promises of a neighbour or a friend they trust, they can be deprived of their whole life savings. The law-abiding and trusting residents of the Macao province have never been in a similar situation. Most of them have residual knowledge about the investment, and that fact was used by depraved individuals who easily influenced innocent people judgment. How will their life look like now, tainted with mistrust so deep that could break up the families? We have no idea. But we strongly believe that all the perpetrators will be judged honestly.