Exp Asset CEO and how he treats people who had helped him

Patryk Krupiński is a man accused of creating a financial pyramid - Exp Asset. Himself is a very ‘interesting’ person. When a competitive alternative based on transparent principles and working within the law appeared, Exp Asset CEO started threatening the competitive founders and he had frozen the funds of users who founded an account on other platforms.

And this - blocking and stole someone’s money only because they want to do something similar somewhere else - is just wrong, so wrong. That’s how the world works, it is normal - to want to do more! It’s like taking away from someone opportunity to invest in more than one companies on the market. And let’s be true - when he froze users’ money on accounts and in a rude way told them to back off and forget about them since they create accounts on the platform, he just simply stole money.

These people on the photo founded Exp Asset with Patryk and helped him create everything. Over 1.5 years ago, Exp Asset CEO removed them from the business and began to treat them as ‘embarrassing’ clients. He wanted to get rid of them and eventually, he succeeded. Disgusted and deprived of opportunities, forced to leave most people in Exp Asset, they decided to leave the company and create their business somewhere else. They left everything - people, money - in Exp Asset and they had joined to another business which is legally and works within the law. But still, as well as business, they were, nevertheless, repeatedly vilified by Patrick.

More soon. Stay tuned. There’s a lot more to tell about that Exp Asset scam. And people should know which people they should never give money to.