Exp Asset - a company which hundreds of thousands of people have trusted.

People devoted to the cause, believing that they are building something great, that they are part of something special.

Special people who devote all their time on teaching and helping others.


Units that stand out in every respect.

This kind of people decided to trust Patryk Krupinski.

Some of them are probably still trying to keep trusting him.

But… should they?

We would be lying if we said yes. The answer is NO.

It is dangerous to trust a man who doesn’t trust anyone but himself and is not even sure of himself. A man who unscrupulously declares that his idol is ADOLF HITLER and he does not need friends. He even says that having them is a weakness. The man who got rid of the people who considered him a friend and did everything to help him.

Probably each of us read today’s statement prepared by Mr Krupinski, clearly telling us that EXP ASSET IS DEAD.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Did Patryk suppose that his SCAM called EXP ASSET would last two years? NEVER.

The company was to end its activity much earlier, and Patryk with the money earned was supposed to disappear.

It would not be the first time. Patryk already fled from Germany and from Luxembourg. It was caused by debts Patryk incurred by him from criminals with whom he cooperated.

He is a well-known person among the shady company of Hamburg.

These debts have probably already been settled thanks to YOUR MONEY.

Where will he run away this time and what kind of people will look for him?

Thanks to good luck, one of his closest associates established closer relations with a Chinese investor.

Patryk did not make by himself them because he decided that he was not interested in any “yolks”, as he calls the Asian nation. But, after some time, he understood how much money he could get through this contact.

The desire for profit has overgrowth his well-known racism.

The opening of his SCAM - EXP ASSET - for China market made Mr Krupinski decided to delay the grand finale to this day.

Everything went his way.

In May 2019, Patryk went to a notary public to draw up a letter confirming that he had 10,715 BTC on his wallet.

It was the last moment to write such a letter because at that very moment the quantity began to decrease at an alarming rate.

Because of a way Patryk ran his business and choosing the inappropriate people, he began to lose drastically on trading activity.

In the meantime, he has deceived many people.

After arrests in the Chinese province of Macao (we wrote about this in the article “EXP ASSET BREAKS CHINESE LAW?”), people began to withdraw money en masse.

Each of us can check how dramatically the number of Patryk BTC’s has dropped in the last 3 months at:


(status for 16th August 2019)

We reach the point where less than 3,000 BTC remained on the account. Daily withdrawals are around 200 BTC.

At this point, the platform stops working.

Another message appears: the damages turn out to be very serious.

We see exactly how the person we trusted prepares us to announce something really terrible.

The only question is, why does Patrick consider us stupid and naive? Why is he mocking us in such an obvious and insolent way?

Why does he spit in our face and at the same time he doesn’t dare look into the eyes?

However, we waited patiently for over 24 hours to find out that his big SCAM, EXP ASSET IS DEAD!

Although for most of us it was perfectly clear right after the first announcement.

Here, too, we get inconsistent information. Since Patryk will balance our balances and will save the platform, why in the penultimate paragraph, there is a statement that he hopes that we will be able to build another stronger company?

This is an obvious goodbye.

Was Patryk sad when he wrote up these words? NO.

He no longer has to deal with the Chinese people he considers as “naive labour force”.

We can assume that he was rather happy - because he is free and has a whole bunch of YOUR MONEY.

Money belonging to honest people who still believe in a person for whom they mean less than nothing:

A similar view is expressed by Crypto Analizer, which also analyzes the statement, paying attention to many important details:


Patryk, however, has no time to bother with YOUR PROBLEMS, because it’s not in his nature to be interested in people who are no longer beneficial for him:

In his free time, he also likes to comment on his own posts. Although sometimes he forgets that he is not on one of his fake accounts:

Let’s also listen to the opinions of other people about who can and who can’t, withdraw money from EXP ASSET SCAM.

Why does a person’s situation at EXP ASSET SCAM depend on Patryk’s incredibly shaky moods?

Is the ship stable when an unstable person is standing at the helm?


We will write a separate article about Patryk himself because he is a very interesting person - like a dangerous psychopath we see in the movie. The difference is that the character from the movie can’t hurt us … And Mr Krupinski? Just look into his eyes…

Each of our articles tried to warn you. We have hope that we have been able to warn as many people as possible.

In conclusion:

1. Patryk sees a chance to make more money, enters his scam to China market but closes Poland’s, therefore delaying his escape. Asia can be robbed of more money than Poland.

2. The climax of payments follows. Deposits start to be smaller than withdrawals.

3. The arrests of Exp Asset members begin.

4. The capital held begins to shrink at a drastic pace. People withdraw their money.

5. People are beginning to notice the tragic financial situation of the company.

6. Information about a technical break pops up.

7. Next, pops up the information about the hackers’ attack and massive database damage.

8. Patrick, with 3000 BTC in his pocket, says goodbye to everyone.

And confirmation has come - EXP ASSET IS SCAM

He can clearly see on the email from Amazon AWS hosting server, that there was no attact:

EXP ASSET SCAM is dead and will not rise again. Open your eyes. If you ever get a chance to access at least some of your money, withdraw it right away. You have been used and abandoned, considered stupid and naive. The question is: do you like it? Will you allow yourself to treat this way?

Is Patryk thinking about your problems now?

Anyone willing to talk can meet Patryk at a racing sponsored by your money, or in the office in Brwinow at Graniczna Street 19.

Will Patryk will meet with you? Would he talk to you?

Check it personally.


You are not sheep !!!