Weird clauses and traders

About traders…. The only trader among these people was really the second guy from the left, the blond one with two monitors. This is a photo from the office in Lodz which is no longer rented by Patryk since August 2017 and was moved to Warsaw. The only person from this photo that went with Patryk to Warsaw was also this trader. There were two traders in Warsaw - a man from a photo and another older man. The younger one was released in November 2017, while the second trader decided to leave a month later. The reason was Patrick’s requirement to sign an obscure clause. This alike-NDA document stated that if in any way information about the company would be betrayed, or if it would damage the company, then the person would have to pay a penalty of even up to PLN 100,000. Details have not been clarified - the clause also didn’t describe cases in which it may apply and frankly, it could be used in every way. An older trader received information that he either signs or ‘flies out’. So he ‘flew out’.

It is worth noting that everywhere where Patryk appears, he leaves a disgust, and people feel used or betrayed. People who have been part of Patryk’s “team” quickly parted with him. Patryk very often changes his place of residence and the people he works with. We can assume that in the present frame with Patryk nobody is working longer than 1.5 years, and this is only one employee who does not cause any problems and does not have any information about the functioning of the company.

More soon. Stay tuned. There’s a lot more to tell about that Exp Asset scam. And people should know which people they should never give money to.